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Commercial Loans For Less Than Perfect Credit


Here's something better than hard money loans - Less than perfect credit multifamily and commercial loans. If you own a multifamily or commercial property and had a challenging time getting financed due to credit or cash flow issues, there are certain niche lenders who can get you out of the high rate hard money loans.

These are 30 year loans rather than a short-term bridge loan for one to 3 years. As of this writing rates for these types of multifamily and commercial loans are around 5%. Our private money lenders in California will consider the following:
1. Short sale
2. Foreclosure
3. Bankruptcy
4. Limited liquidity
5. Poor cash flow resulting from vacancies

So, what benefit does this have for you? For example, if you have credit type of dings in your past history, it can negatively affect your credit or vacancies that have an adverse effect on your cash flow, thus your only option is hard money commercial loans.

Now, there may be an option that will save your investment property from the negative to possibly even positive cash flow. The benefits are if you or your properties qualify, you can take advantage of the low rates rather than paying double digit hard money rates and you will also save quite a bit on closing costs such as broker origination fee points.

Bottom line is that they are willing to consider commercial loans that most other lenders will not. If you would like to see whether your loan scenario will benefit you or not, you can reach out to us today!

Written by Alex Haiek